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Happy Photographer. Will travel.

l love light—all kinds of light and have been fascinated and entranced by it since my earliest years growing up in the Northeast. After 4 years of shooting pictures and 16 mm film, I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and headed west—'Go west' the voice in my head said and 20+ years later I have a wonderful life in the Golden State, residing in the City of Angels. I work predominately in “Hollywood” throughout the print, television and film communities. I’ve worked on numerous commercial shoots, recently for Puma, Dove, Gap and Wella along with a lot time invested in publicity, editorial and galleries for television shows. My personal journeys have brought me to the Burningman Festival over 20 years ago and I have spent almost every summer in the month of August out in the great barren Black Rock desert in Nevada shooting and documenting all things Burningman. Will I ever out grow that—who knows? I sure as don’t!